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Malcom Black

Malcolm Black in a garden, sitting in an electric wheelchair. With his dog.

For paintings on commission.

Please contact him at:

You can find more about Malcolm and purchase his art and read his biographical book by visiting

Malcolm Black is a native South African who loves to create. He enjoys visual arts, writing, and dance. He has been painting since the age of 21. He derives his inspiration for his paintings from calming experiences and the practice of painting is meditative for him. Malcolm uses mostly oil pastels and acrylic paint when he needs more forgiving paint. He likes to use paints that stay alive for a long and that are more organic.

For Malcolm painting is a little bit like his experience of dance, where there are no wrong movements. Speaking of movement and dance; In 2001 when Remix Dance Company was formalized Malcolm Black was brought to be part of the leadership team. In 2005 it became a full-time professional dance company and was a resident company at one of the main theaters in Cape Town. Remix concentrated on the contemporary dance genre drawing on release technique and contact improvisation as its primary discipline in training, with its activities focused on education for children, adults, and teachers of integrated dance and the creation of "performances that are intriguing and intelligent". The company won several awards and was recognized for its contribution to disability and the arts in South Africa and beyond. Remix Dance Company was South Africa’s first physically integrated dance company. 

What connects the three of us?

Malcolm and Silva met in 2003 when Silva came back to South Africa to work with and learn from Remix Dance Company. This experience informed Silva’s practice greatly and created a lifelong friendship with Malcolm and other Remix Dance Company members. Christelle and Malcolm have been working together in educational and artistic endeavors for over a decade. They support each other and have deep respect for one another. At the beginning of 2020, Silva returned to South Africa, and Christelle and Silva decided to organize an inclusive dance jam. Malcolm joined them and we spent a day dancing and reminiscing and dreaming about the future and now we are so happy to have Malcolm to share his artistic work with us at Tractus Art.

Left: Malcolm Black
Centre: Silva Laukkanen
Right: Christelle Dreyer
Heads together smiling at the camera.
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